Our Company

Founded in 2007 by Bruce Thompson, the Bruce Thompson Insurance Group is about giving customer's peace of mind when they go to bed each night. We accomplish these the following ways:

Competent and Caring Staff
Not only does Bruce bring over 20 years of insurance knowledge backed by numerous awards, but also the rest of our team brings a wealth of knowledge so that customers can rest assured that they are getting the best information possible. Information is great, but we feel even better than the great information you receive is the quality of support you receive. Our staff view's each customer not as a dollar, but as a person with real needs who need real assurance that they and the people and things they love are going to be protected. We are here for that.  Not only do we serve in the office, but we also serve in our community.

Pro-active thinking
We here at the Bruce Thompson Insurance Group believe in always looking for ways to improve. It is much easier to do the same things over and over because it's comfortable, but that can also not be personable. So here we are always looking at things from better ways to save you money, to pro-active things you can do to minimize or even prevent loss to the things you care about.

Friends not numbers
We believe in building friendships with each and every customer. The best to be able to insure someone is to actually know someone.  Getting to know people we are able to know what you need and how to best serve you.  Other insurance companies will promise things like cute animals or low prices, but do they actually know you? When you become a customer, we want you to become a friend and as your friend, we want the best for you whether or not its the best for us. Just another reason we offer to come to you!